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Re: 2K work with Spirit

>I agree with the possibly (large) advantages of "normal" feature colour
>grading using the superior digital colourgrade tools now under development
>- qualified with the counterstatement that the Spirit itself has not been
>demonstrated with true 2K capabilities to my knowledge. So let's not get
>too excited.

It has not only been demonstrated for the past two years ( at all major
trade shows ) but is in daily use at a number of facilites. And yes, some
projects have even been been recorded back to film.

Some of the locations using the data output on the Spirit are Tape House NY,
Command Post - Canada, Filmworkers Chicago, VTR London, The Mill London,
Kodak Cinesite - Culver City and many others ( sorry if I failed to mention
any customers ! )

Perhaps some of the above sites would care to comment.

Steve Russell
Marketing Manager - FIlm Imaging Products

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