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>Bear in mind that laserdisc is an analog video format subject to a whole
>of analog difficulties of its own.  There is nothing in a DVNR unit that
>make titles or anything else pulsate, unless there has been some sort of
>failure.  While I've personally seen lots of lousy video on laserdisk, VHS,
>and even DVD, it's a real stretch of the imagination to think that it all
>comes from just one particular piece of equipment that might not have even
>been used on a particular job!
>Best regards,
>Christopher Bacon

The only thing close I experience, is when transferring used cinema prints
of subtitled films, the ASC filter can affect these subtitles if the titles
are poorly composed/exposed..at the lab....The ASC does not have to be
strong to do this...(Oh for noise reduction windows).....I normally turn it
almost right down as I enter the end credits so at least the credits don't
suffer...it is not a pulsating, rather a "chattering" of the edges..(is it
dirt, is it not, is it dirt, is it not)....
Peter Balfour
Icon Digital Post
Melbourne, Australia

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