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Re: 2K work with Spirit

I would welcome clarification. Access to a true 2K res source for highly
detailed colour correction would be great.

My understanding from the specific questions fielded during the NAB
demonstraton was that the 1080 result information from the fixed array CCD
utilized a bicubic upres to reach the 2K result of its Cineon compliant

This was surprising to hear, since as you point out these files are freely
in use within facilities. If these are truly 1K upres results, what would
be the benefit of the additional overhead to the facility? Why not remain
at a native 1K res and therefore more nimble for your processing and
delivery - if that is the real nature of your originating material?

Of course, if the presenters of the show were in error, then the confusion
is a shame. At the time, it seemed like a refreshingly comprehensive
discussion which did not seem to leave room for misunderstanding.

> It has not only been demonstrated for the past two years ( at all major
> trade shows ) but is in daily use at a number of facilites. And yes, some
> projects have even been been recorded back to film.

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