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I have borrowed a friends laserdisc and have just put a film on to look at

The only thing I can say about this particular film...  Silverado is that I
see more noise and drop outs (>.2 / min) than any NR artifacts.  OK, changed
movies, now Casino....  Seems like just the normal TK artifacts, and I mean
absolutely NOTHING unacceptable.

I do seem to remember seeing a Laserdisc in one store in NYC, the late
"Wiz", where someone had had a go at the NR!  Not to mention some new type
TV's have NR's built into them.....  That's something to see!

I looked recently at the Digital TV that they are promoting down here.  I
rejected it due to the blockish compression, are we really going have to
accept that?  OK, so I endure Cable here which really can make your stomach
turn.  I can't actually tell if someone has turned up the NR before
transmission or I am just dealing with compression artifacts.  I know that I
had seen some of my work go out in Argentina re NR'd up the wazzoo.

Its depressing.....  One client in Buenos Aires actually told me that he
felt the negative had a more filmic look when we had the old Accom NR
cranked up with the Median filter in as well.....  I had to close my eyes
and accept the money!

So Ace are you seeing compression artifacts?

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