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ATTN: Los Angeles TIG Readers--SMPTE/USC Seminar

To All TIG Readers in the Los Angeles Area:

This Saturday, May 16 the Local Hollywood Section of SMPTE will present
an all day Seminar at USC on Advanced/HD Television.  This event will
present many speakers and presentations and will also feature an
extensive exhibition of Consumer and Production/Post Production

The highlights of the Presentations include:
    Charles Poynton--Tutorial  on the Viewing Psychophysics of Advanced
    Dave Taylor & Tom Brentnall of Walt Disney Imagineering--Display
Technologies for Advanced Television (Examples in the Exhibit Area)
    Bruce Babcock--VP RCA/Thomson--Examples of Consumer Product for this
Fall's Receiver/Display Products
    Delivery Methods for Advanced Digital Television--This will be one
of the highlights of the Seminar--Find out the plans of the Delivery
        Bill Miller--ABC Network/SMPTE Engineering VP--The plans of the
Terrestrial Broadcaster--Find out why ABC picked 720 Progressive
        Dick Green--President, Cable Labs--Hear Cable TV's plans for
carrying or not carrying all the Digital Signals at Full Resolution
        Jim Williams--VP, High Definition Production for Direct TV--The
plans of Direct TV for HD to your home in the entire US this year
    Lunch Provided and Tours of the Advanced Television Exhibition--More
Details Later!!!

    Production Techniques for Advanced Television
        Production for 16 x 9 & 4 x 3 Display--Ed Lammi--VP Production
for Columbia TriStar--He will show Examples of Columbia shows in HD
        Film Production in 16 mm and 35 mm--Janet
Anderson--Kodak--Examples of the latest film stocks in HD will be
        Electronic Production for HDTV--Marc Pingy--Producer/Director at
KCTS-TV, Seattle--KCTS has produced many hours of HD all over the world
    Post Production Techniques for Advanced Television
        Telecine Transfer--Methods and Techniques will be presented by
Jan Yarbrough, Manager--Warner Bros. Video Operations
        Episodic TV Post-Production--Leon Silverman--Laser Pacific
Hollywood--One of largest Episodic Post Operations in the World
        Format Conversion--Adolfo Rodriguez--Snell and Wilcox--Examples
and Working Hardware will be shown--Down Conversion, Up Conversion
            and Aspect Ratio Conversion will be shown
    The Afternoon will Close with a panel discussion with many of the
above presenters participating with the addition of:
        Gavin Schutz--Chief Operating Officer of 4MC--Probably the
largest Post Production Company in the World--Gavin is sure to bring us
all down
            to earth with some of the practical financial and technical
        Tom McMahon--Technical Consultant to Microsoft will discuss the
integration of the new video technologies with the Computer Industry

    After the Seminar the Technology Exhibits will remain open for some
time for you to examine the demonstrations--Details Below.

Some of the Exhibits are as follows--More to be added and the following
in random order:

Tektronix: WFM's for HD, MPEG Quality Assessment Equipment and HD
Transmitter Testing Equipment, HD Test Signal Generators
Dolby:  How you will handle 6/8 Channels of  Audio in a Stereo Plant
Kodak:  Direct CRT Viewing of 35/16mm Film Examples
Fujitsu:  42" Plasmavision Flat Panel Display
Cable Labs:  Actual Cable Transmission of HD with Set top Decoder
connected to High Definition Display via 1394/Firewire connection
Digital Vision:  Products for HD post production
Barco:  HDTV Displays
Philips:  Live 16 x 9 525(480I) Camera for Up Conversion Source,
Examples of Spirit High Definition Transfers
Sony HD Center, Culver City--Playback of HD transfers of motion picture
Sony:  HDCAM Camcorder, HD Studio Cameras, HD Monitors and CRT
Projection and Consumer HD Displays(Flat Panel WEGA Trinitron HDTV)
Panasonic:  HD-D5 Recorders Playing both 1080I and 720P, 480P playback,
HD Monitors and  Consumer HDTV's
Microsoft:  Actual Terrestrial HD transmission with Receiver with line
Doubling--Progressive Display and Demo of Television Reception with
    auxiliary data and WEB reception
Leitch:  Products for HDTV Post Production
VAS Group:  Down Conversion and Aspect Ratio Conversion
M & K:  Speaker System for 5.1 Channel Professional Audio Monitoring and
for Home use
Asaca:  HD Television Displays
Philips/Polaroid:  Live 720P Camera and Playback of Philips NAB Camera
Show in 720P
Hughes/JVC Projection:  Full Screen Projection of HD in the Norris
Theatre and Projection in the Typical Living Room HD Demo Area

A Special Display will show a side by side example of identical 720P and
1080I Telecine Transfers displayed on identical monitors.....You Be The

More Displays will be added by Saturday:  BE THERE............

For Further Details Call Herb Farmer At USC:
        Herb Farmer, USC School of Cinema-Television, 213-740-2921,
FAX: 213-740-2920   e-mail:  hfarmer at usc.edu
        He will FAX details and Seminar Sign-up Form.

Regards,    Seminar Co-Chairs:
                    Bill Hogan, Sprocket Digital
                    Brad Hunt, Cintel
                    Nelson Meacham, Walt Disney Imagineering

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