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Re: 2K work with Spirit

Daniel Radford wrote:

> My understanding from the specific questions fielded during the NAB
> demonstraton was that the 1080 result information from the fixed array >CCD utilized a bicubic upres to reach the 2K result of its Cineon >compliant datafile.

Are you talking about the Spirit here? If yes, the Spirit uses a line
array. The horizontal res. is 1920 but can be upscaled internally to
2048 if needed in order to fit into production systems that expect this
format. The 1080 you mention is the vertical res. at 1:77 acpect.
Because it us using a line array instead of a fixed block the Spirit can
scan full frame 1920x1440. The fixed block of the Sony datacine is
1920x1080 and therefore, if not changed, will either have to use a lower
horizontal res. or an optical compensation system in order to use all
available sensors. Mind you that a fixed array theoretically can be used
to sample a frame multiple times during real-time transfer!!!

As for the 2K full feature disscussion on the TIG I can say without
going into details that we are doing it right now. There are no problems
here that can not be solved.

Kris, Destiny-601 & The Warehouse.

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