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RE>Re: 2K work with Spirit

                      RE>Re: [TIG] 2K work with Spirit             13/5/9
>What about colour bit depth? That is another area which seems difficult to
>get a firm definition of. I am talking about the Spirit, specifically.

Bit depth is less of an issue than people at first think. (duck and wait for flames!)
We scan usually  16 bit linear data files for illusion using a purpose built VFX film scanner. This is to ensure we have sufficient dynamic range to achieve any problem we encounter. I have however seen great results at 8bit. The point I am trying to make is that it is very subjective and depends on the content of the material and the nature of the FX work to be carried out. There is no rule on bit depth, if a scene is flat and has motion 8 bits would work fine. If a shot has depth and contrast and you have subtle detail to retrieve then you need the dynamic range and more bits. Reducing the bit depth achieves cost effective workflow which can be important on projects, and may not detract from the final product.
It is easy to be snobbish at bit depths if you have a capacity to scan high but you do indeed sacrifice workflow through increased data management issues.
It is also interesting to note that often most CGI elements are rendered 8 bit.
I understand, please correct me if I am wrong, that Spirit provides a 8bit  image in a 10 bit package.
I think this is fine considering the architecture of the machine and what it is intended for.

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