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Re: RE>Re: 2K work with Spirit

Paul Grace wrote:

> I understand, please correct me if I am wrong, that Spirit provides a 8bit  image in a 10 bit package.

Hi Paul.

No, that is not quite so. The Spirit CC part is done at 14bit lin. After
this the data are LUT'ed to 10 bit and run through the spatial
processor. Presently the log files are made from these 10bit lin's after
the spatial processor. This is not optimal, of course, and Philips is
changing this at the moment. The current workaround is to put CRT gamma
on in the 14bit part, export as "linears" and then "degamma" in the LUT
when importing to Inferno. We get very nice resolution in the density
are at 12 bit lin here. All our tests show that there the images are in
no way inferior to those from the Genesis. Also since the material is
graded we do not need the headroom of black95 and white 685 of the
cineon logs and can use more bits (black64 white940 or 1024). We are so
confident now with the results and the grading process that we start
full feature work this summer.

Best regards 


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