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Postproduction Humor

I collected this in 1995 from the BP Forum on CompuServe:

Message: #329596, S/8  Subtopic 8
Date:    Mon, Dec 4, 1995 9:08:01 PM
Subject: You're an old editor if
From:    Tom Evans            ITS 71161,3200
To:      All you old editors
Reply:   #329620 (1 reply)
You know you're an old editor if...
	you still cringe when you perform an out edit.
	you have a nagging feeling that nobody's checked the capstan oscillator
since morning.
	you haven't had a hot meal at work since they powered down the VR-1000.
	you still wear steel-toed shoes in the tape room.
	you duck when somebody says slo-mo.
	you're afraid to stay on a freeze frame for more than 10 seconds.
	you still think of a horizontal DVE push by the Squeezoom effect number.
	you still wish you had an AVR-1.
	you hand your client a punch paper-tape when he asks for and EDL.
	your feet used to ache after an edit session more than your butt or your
-Tom Evans            ITS

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