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Postproduction Humor

This was on CIS at about the same time as the previous post:

Message:	#335964, S/8  Subtopic 8
Date:	Fri, Jan 5, 1996 4:27:11 AM
Subject:	Everybody lies...
From:	Charles Migel 100245,3075
To:	Don Landis 71673,3612 (received) 
How about a list I recieved from a customer service troubleshooter recently:
Seeing how this is the season for favorite top 10 lists, I'll follow with
my 10 favorite video lies, as told by users:
	10	It was a drop frame time code tape when I put it up
	9	Some guy from the factory told us it would do that
	8	It wasn't woking before I called you
	7	Of course I saved my list to disk, it's just that the computer can't
find it now
	6	There was a tape loaded before
	5	The power cord must have just jumped out of the socket, it was plugged
in before
	4	The other editor said it worked that way in the facility he used to work in
	3	It works that way in our other editing rooms
	2	I thought it said in the manual .....
And the number 1 greatest lie.....
	1	I've always done it that way before, and it's worked !!

David Tosh <dlt at earthlink.net>
Engineer, Complete Post Hollywood, CA USA

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