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Drew Marsh

It is overwhelming to read the outpouring in these messages every day.
It has somehow srangely eased the sadness and pain that we have all felt
over the last couple of weeks. Drew lived life to the fullest and
touched many lives along the way as is evident by these postings from
around the world. His love for his boys and for Kathy was evident to all
that were around him. It is in this spirit that a memorial fund has been
created to receive donations to help fund Brandon and Jeremy's
education. Please, in memory of Drew, contributions may be sent to: The
Drew Marsh Scholarship Fund, America First Credit Union, P.O. Box 9199,
Ogden, UT 84409-0199-----Trust Acct. #902353-2.

A reception will be held at The Filmworkers Club, Dallas on Thursday,
May 21 at 5pm. Please feel free to drop by and share a Drew story.

Bill Wine
The Filmworkers Club Dallas

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