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dirty film

     I started out in a facility that transferred a few "dirty films"... if it
got too gross we'd shut down the monitor and watch the scopes...
     But seriously folks, I haven't noticed any general increase in dirt on
the newer stocks.  Seems to me like film has been cleaner than ever,
especially since the advent of particle transfer rollers.  As for cinch marks,
I had thought they were the result of mishandling.
     I can understand how the new stock might be softer, and thus more
susceptable to dirt aquisition, but I think film transfer is cleaner now,
generally, than it was back in '47- that is, 5247 and 7247 (remember that
great old stock?).
     Between the PTRs and the judiciously set noise reducers (and the Spirit's
diffuse light), dirt in negative transfer seems to be at an all time low.
     Then again once in a while there's the stuff processed late in the batch
when the chemicals are less than pristine... but that's still fairly rare.  So
everybody keep up the good work.  Now if there was only an easy way to remove
hair in the gate from the camera!

Bob Lovejoy

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