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demo reels- colorists

It has become important, beginning about three years ago, for
commercial colorists in Los Angeles to have demo reels of their work.
This trend seems to parallel a similar emergence of the director's and
cinematographer's reels-- in their utility for the typical advertising
agency creative team's search for talent.  My reel is sent out quite
often now, and new clients sometimes mention it as a reason for their

Since I began maintaining my reel a few years ago, I've felt that my
work is best represented with entire commercials, fadeup to fadeout.
Some other colorists I know have reels with montages of many scenes
from different commercials, at times with fast-paced hard-hitting
quick cuts of not-necessarily-related material.

Do colorists other than those working on commercials maintain demo
reels?  Do most commercial colorists in other markets (NY, London,
Dallas, etc.) maintain demo reels?  If so, what sort of format is this
reel-- is everyone using quick-cutting montages?  

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