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Re: Accuglow...again

At 09:53 AM 5/27/98 +0100, Graham Collett wrote:
>Accuglow that specifically mentions that it is supposed to remove tube grain. 
>Tube grain is one of the things i am most interested in removing. 

Accuglow has done a great job for us in reducing tube grain.  It has made it
possible to use tubes much longer than we did with Festival.  It also does a
much better job of burn correction, and also makes it easier to do shading
on the machine.  Previously, we had averaged seven months on Mark IIIC tubes
doing six-way feature transfers before tube grain became a problem
(especially in PAL).  Some tubes have lasted over a year after Accuglow was
installed.   I removed a couple of tubes that showed a large, extremely dark
brown patch area when removed.  I would have never been able to use these
tubes so long if the machines had been using Festival.  However, Accuglow is
not totally perfect, and does take some care in setting up. Once properly
set up, it works well.  Ideally, it probably would be better to have
something like Accuglow in all three video channels (each with their own
burn cell). 

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