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Graham Collett wrote:

>  can i ask y'all for another few words on the tube grain removal. many

> thanks
> Graham Collett

  I can speak for the HD level AccuGlow. The few production MKIII HD
telecines that Rank (Cintel) produced suffered from moderate tube grain
because of the 30 mhz signal path, high scan rates and smaller spot
size. We
installed the HD version of AccuGlow and our tube grain problems
disappeared. All the other praises of Accuglow can be echoed for us as
The shading and burn performance of this machine is fully manageable and
Afterglow signal boards are fantastic!!

We are also running the HD version of the Digital Deflection and it is
equally great.

No, DAV hasn't asked or paid me to say this (but I would not turn-em
down if they did!)

Ron Martin
HD Telecine Center
Universal Studios
ron at dvcc.com

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