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HD Monitoring

It seems that more places are moving into the HDTV realm these days.
This brings up the issue of performance monitoring for HDTV critical
applications. The only real player in the past has been Sony with the
HD2830 but they are expensive, hard to find, and don't have multi-sync
capability. Personally I find the prospect of an 'Evergreen HD'
unappealing.  Panasonic has had some big screen offerings (32")but they
are a little too big, a pain to deal with and also hard to find.

I just had Shibasoku demo their new 20" HDTV multisync monitor. It is a
really nice monitor. Easy to use and set-up, switches nicely between
display formats. The color set-up nicely and stayed that way. It is
extremely sharp and had excellent corner shading and focus.  Problem is
that it is a 20" 4:3 tube showing 16:9 HDTV making it too dang small.

If HDTV is really going to hit the air this fall (ya, right) how is the
production community going to see it!

Any thoughts?

Ron Martin
Universal HDTV Telecine Center
ron at dvcc.com

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