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Re: 16 by 9 test film

<< It's far more important to have the cameraman shoot a chart that matches
 ground glass he has been supplied for the 16:9 frame, and match to that,
 than to be mathematically "correct." >>

  I have heard a lot of this sort of sentiment over the last few years with
regard to S-16, and I feel that it is a slippery slope towards utter chaos
within our little world.  Yes, I have two different reference quality framing
elements at my disposal, and have noted that they do not EXACTLY agree with
each other-- but this does not mean that I am going to allow my latest framing
standard to be established by the next job that come through the door.  
        I have had a couple of clients shooting S-16 on modified cameras that
have been tipped off to framing irregularities because of my silly insistence
on comparing their footage to my "correct" framing elements. 
      Remember, much of the footage we transfer today might end up being
printed in the "film to film" world tommorrow--an arena in which framing
values are not altered easily with the flick of a knob.
      I will continue to pursue framing standards to the best of my ability
through the use of reference quality elements.   I owe this to my clients.    

Jim Erickson, colorist, Colorlab

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