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RE: June 3, 1948 (was: Re: 16 by)

On Wed, 3 Jun 1998 20:50:11 -0400  Rob Lingelbach wrote:

>On Jun 3, 17:14, Bill Hogan wrote:
>} Subject: Re: [TIG] 16 by 9 test film
> This is an interesting statement since your message to the TIG was
> encoded with the date of June 3, 1948. Don't mean this as a statement

But Bill, in June, 1948, the Soviet Union began the Berlin Blockade,
cutting West Berlin off from the West.  I believe this message is from
the past...



June 3 is also the anniversary of the first appearance in print of the
ballad "Casey at the Bat" (1888, San Francisco Examiner)... and we all 
know how THAT ended...

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