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Half Color Bandwidth???

Recently I saw the movie Bulworth in the theatre.  Although it
was a very clever, funny movie, it took me less than 30 seconds to
recognize that I was looking at a HD telecine transfer. Considering
all the previous discussion regarding equal bandwidth RGB vs.
luminance/half color pixel transfers, I thought it would be more
than appropriate to post this for discussion.

Aside from the overall electronic look of the film, the half pixel color
resolution edge fringing around objects throughout the movie (and
especially in the openting titles) was asolutely horrendous.  What I
was most astounded by however, was how horrible the color
correction was throughout the movie.  The color balance, or should
I say imbalance, certainly reached extremes not normally seen in
conventional non-electronic theatrical film releases.  Then about three
quarters through the movie I start seeing....YES, digital hits.  Nice bright
vibrant color hits, enough to be more than noticable and extremely
distracting.  The hits followed particular scenes, or should I guess film
rolls.  I could even hear various people in the theatre saying, "What's that??",
having, never, of course, seen this effect while watching a movie in the
theatre.  I even thought it a bit funny how in a 30 second spot this would
never be allowed to pass, yet it in a new feature movie it goes.

What a horrible example of electronic post for theatrical release.  If this
were an example of what's to come, what a giant step backwards.

Michael C. Kaye

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