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Re: 16 by 9 transfers

There is another source for test film material with 16 by 9 references here
in Germany:

The company OPTRONIK GmbH is located in Potsdam-Babelsberg, near Berlin.
The have their own cameras and provide excellent test film material in 16mm
(S16) and in 35mm with N-perfs and P-perfs (projector application).

During the SPIRIT development time frame PHILIPS and OPTRONIK together
created several test charts for SD/HD and other specific telecine checks.
One test chart is designed to be used for format adjustments and contains
all important aspect ratios including 16 by 9, available as 35mm or 16 mm
test films.

Name and address:

Juergen Ristow
August-Bebel-Strasse 26-53
D-14 482 Potsdam

phone: +49-(0)331-72 12472
Fax:      +49-(0)331-72 12471

I do not get any gifts from them and I am not funded by that company.

Bert Eiberger
D-64 372 Ober-Ramstadt 
e-mail: <Bert-Eiberger at compuserve.com>

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