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Accom DIS 422 Removable Storage

Has anyone found a dependable substitute for the standard removable (80 MB?)
Syquest drive found in Accom Still Stores (DIS 422)?  Jazz drives kind of
work (but we had a lot of long term reliability problems), and Nomai drives
also work, but have not proven to be a great solution (and they are
discontinued).  One problem we have had with these two types of drives is
that they time out and sleep every 30 minutes or so, which is very
inconvenient in the middle of a session.  Is anyone using the SyJet, or EZ
Flyer, or other drive with acceptable results?  Does anyone know how to stop
the Jazz or Nomai drives from timing out?

Craig Nichols
Director of Engineering
Todd-AO Video Services
craign at todd-ao.com
213-465-1231 / 465-2579 fax

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