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To the group:

    Here is what I know about Bullworth:
        The film was photographed spherically for1.85:1 projection, so 
I have no idea where a scope print could have come from.

        Having seen the answer print at Tech I can attest that it was 
fine example of Vitorio's photography, complementing the main 
character's journey. For a more in-depth look at Bullworth, see this 
month's American Cinematographer.

        The transfer credit was a suprise to me, I didn't see it until 
I put the final version of R6 on tape, which having consulted my 
project notes, was the 29th of May. As at that point the HD masters 
were MOS, I find it hard to believe that anyone could have arranged for 
a secret electronic cinema demonstration in the time available. Thanks 
to Vitorio for swinging the credit.

        Any film print of this would either have been an ENR print from 
Tech or a dye xfer print from their new production line. When I saw the 
answer print, I saw a test of both ENR and IB, and the IB looked quite 
good. It did, however, come from their pilot printer and not the 
production one. I would still guess that most of what Mike saw was IB 
stuff, but who knows for sure?? One possible explanation for his seeing 
problems that were only in particular scenes is the fact that the film 
was undergoing editorial changes at the last minute (suprised?). This 
may have caused some exsisting IB prints to have new scenes cut into 
them, and either the new or old material had problems, but not both.

        I will try and find out if anyone used the HD masters for 
anything but video release needs, and relay any findings to those still 

                    Cheers to all,


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