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Re: Color Analyzer

At 10:58 AM 6/9/98 -0700, Dean wrote:
>Another CRT analyzer 
>Graesby SLS 9400.  I've used this one and like its excellent EL
>display contrast and brightness as well as wide viewing angle.  Unlike
>the Philips unit, the probe cup stays in place on the CRT face

I'm using a Minolta CA-100, but would purchase either the Phillips or
Graesby if I were buying one today. I like the Minolta's accuracy, and the
cup usually stays on better than the Phillips, but I dislike the fact that
the Minolta is big, and that it has to be plugged in. I believe the Graesby
is a little less money than the Minolta or Phillips. It is also portable,
like the Phillips.  It appears to be a little less cumbersome than the
Phillips, or (especially) the Minolta.

As usual, no paid endorsements.

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