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RE: Clever Marketing

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> From: Dave Corbitt
> Subject: [TIG] Clever Marketing
> An interesting marketing observation;
> I have noticed recently that some feature film DVD's give credit to not
> only the colorist who did the transfer but also the post facility

Speaking of DVD, San Francisco is one of the test markets for DIVX which was
just unveiled this week in the media. Pretty good PR. They're promoting it
as an alternative to renting videos. Buy it for a couple of bucks, watch it
for up to 48 hours, then throw it away. They say it saves you the hassle of
returning it to the store and guarantees that they won't be out of the movie
you want. That is if you want to see one of the 40 or so movies out on DIVX.

The home audio and video magazines I read really hate DIVX, and there's a
big billboard on highway 101 as you enter downtown S.F. that says "Only Open
DVD Delivers." It's sponsored by various retailers and software makers that
aren't on the DIVX bandwagon.  We'll see how Circut City and Disney and
friends make out in the days ahead.

Any comments from the peanut gallery?

CB Gaines, colorist
Monaco Video, S.F.

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