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Re: Clever Marketing

On Wed, 10 Jun 1998 12:32:12 -0700, you wrote:
>The home audio and video magazines I read really hate DIVX, and there's a
>big billboard on highway 101 as you enter downtown S.F. that says "Only Open
>DVD Delivers." It's sponsored by various retailers and software makers that
>aren't on the DIVX bandwagon.  We'll see how Circut City and Disney and
>friends make out in the days ahead.
>Any comments from the peanut gallery?
This is a horrendous pay-per-view scheme which could only have been thought
up by lawyers (and it was).  

Sure, you don't have to return the thing, but the cost is quite a bit
higher than renting the same title (and not a "couple of bucks"), there is
nothing in place for recycling the things, you need a different player than
the ones that most people own now, the player needs a phone line so it can
allegedly validate your disk and allow you to purchase the title (although
the reality is much more likely that your data becomes part of a remarkably
narrowly targeted marketing campaign and will be sold over and over and

The primary beneficiaries are the studios, who get to sell lots and lots of
highly copy protected copies which quickly become unusable (for admittedly
fewer dollars each), and the law firm who hatched the scheme and are
possibly getting some sort of royalty on each rented title. Disney probably
views it as some sign from God.

If this catches on, it is a virtual certainty it will be the ONLY way to
get DVD titles in short order.

The scheme out and out sucks. Just say no.


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