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Re: Clever Marketing

<< DIVX which was just unveiled this week in the media. Pretty good PR.
They're   promoting it as an alternative to renting videos. Buy it for a
couple of bucks, watch it
for up to 48 hours, then throw it away. >>

I thought I read somewhere that there was supposed to be a way you could call
up, pay more money, and they'd send a code to your player that would
rejuvenate the disks for a few more plays.  Guess they haven't gotten around
to that as of yet!  Polycarbonate plastic (the stuff they make CDs, DVDs, and
the like out of) is not readily recyclable as far as I know, so I hope
somebody comes up with a good use for all the expired DIVX disks that are
going to be in the trash if the format takes off!

As for Spirit Datacine "disclaimers" on home video releases, there were
several home video magazine articles published last winter on the machine and
why concientious buffs should insist on video from a Spirit instead of lesser
film-to-tape apparatus.  Having bought enough shoddy-looking features on cheap
VHS tapes, I can understand why there might be there might be appeal in some
circles for having such a "stamp of approval."  But given that most viewers
have no idea what a "Datacine" is and couldn't care less, and that there are a
bunch of other variables in the home video production business, those logos
will probably end up meaning very little to a lot people.  Like the UL logos
many of us ignore on electrical appliances really means a low likelyhood of
electrocution or starting a fire--not that the product will last forever, or
that it even works!

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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