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TIG contributor news

Contributions to the TIG are gratefully accepted, to help cover costs...
if you consider the TIG valuable and would like to contribute, please

The next 45 or so contributors of $40 or more will receive a TIG
T-shirt via return express mail (sorry, no international shipments
until I can figure out how to do it economically :[).

The T-shirt design can be seen at:


TIG admin.

Rob Lingelbach          |  2660 Hollyridge Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068
rob at alegria.com         |"I care not much for a man's religion whose dog or 
rob at info.com            |  cat is not the better for it."  --Abraham Lincoln
rob at tele.com                    KB6CUN   http://www.alegria.com

Thanks to International Image Services for supporting the TIG in 1998..
No product marketing allowed on the main TIG.  Contact rob at alegria.com
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