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Re: Clever Marketing

> From: Dave Corbitt <dc at mte.com>
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> Subject: [TIG] Clever Marketing
> Date: 10 June 1998 08:10
> An interesting marketing observation;
> I have noticed recently that some feature film DVD's give credit to not
> only the colorist who did the transfer but also the post facility and the
> telecine type (Spirit DataCine). This is printed on the liner notes of
> package. Most packages do not document this.

As far as Dvix is concerned,they won't be releasing any widescreen versions
in the 16:9 anamorphic format, only pan & scan. Makes the whole 'quality'
issue about which type of telecine it was transfered on pointless. Who the
hell cares anyway, specially when Mpeg 2 should be re-named

Stuart Fyvie
BBC Telecine Post.

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