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Refurbished SGIs

12th June 98

Hi Everybody!

I need a small favor.

Does anybody out there know of a company existing by the following name 
& addess:

XS International Inc
1005 Alderman Drive Suite 212
Alpharetta, Georgia 3005-8859 USA
tel: 404-8741212 fax: 8740222

These guys are dealers for a whole range of digital media products like 
Intergraph Systems, Softimage etc and their core business is to sell 
refurbished SGI solutions. We have identified an Onyx RE2 Deskside 
System which we think is priced pretty cheap. This also makes us wonder 
if we are in the right company.

Just wanna know if these guys are regulars and OK to do business with. 
Please advise.

Thanks in advance.


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