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Widescreen Seminar

For the benefit of UK members interested in production for wide-screen

Following the highly successful symposium in February, BKSTS The Moving
Image Society are holding an Evening Seminar aimed at anyone involved
in production for Widescreen television.  It will be held at Channel 4
Television in Westminster on Thursday 18th June at 6:30 for 7:00pm
Free to BKSTS members with a nominal charge of £5 + vat to non-members.
Call 0171 242 8400 to register or email training at bksts.demon.co.uk to be
sure of a seat.

Speakers include Martin Bell of BBC, Alan Piper of Cine Europe, Bill
Dudman for Sony, Simon Fell of Carlton Digital and Robin Hurley of
Channel 4.  Case studies, problems and solutions, framing and other
camera issues are all on the agenda.

Although widescreen production for television has been practised for a
decade in UK the imminent arrival of digital transmissions and the
explosion in sales of widescreen sets (could the World Cup explain this?)
the use of 16:9 for a much wider gamut of programming means that
professionals need to be well prepared and this seminar comes at just
the right time.

To remind our US cousins, HDTV is not on the agenda in the European
launch of digital television.  Those extra 100 lines make a big

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