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Re: Refurbished SGIs

I received this message in response to the refurbished SGI's.

Hope it is of interest.


Daniel Perez Llebot wrote:

> Hello Mohit:
> I received your message asking about XS from the TIG.
> I have bought equipment from XS at least four times in the past four years and they have always delivered well.
> Even once when I had problems with a hard disk they exchanged it immediately. The person to contact there is
> Robert Bone. All the equipment I bought from them was for Latin America: Venezuela and Argentina and they
> have even helped us with customs. I definitely recommend them for both big and small things. They are not the
> kind of company that will not pay attention to you because you are just buying a cable.
> I understand they are going to have a stand at SIGGRAPH this year.
> Daniel Perez
> danibam at interactive.com.ar

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