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CML: ATSC Acronym

Found on the Cinematography list,

A Tig Silence Chopper

John Sprung 18/06/98 3:37:
 NTSC was known as "Never Twice the Same Color"                           
 or alternately, "No Television System Cheaper"                           
 Now we need to figure out what ATSC should be called.                    
 I started a thread of ATSC acronym jokes over on Craig                   
 Birkmaier's OpenDTV list, and here are the results:                      
 A Table of Silly Compromises                                             
 A Temporary Stand-in for COFDM                                           
 A Totally Stupid Concept                                                 
 A Treasure for Snell's Converters                                        
 A TV? Spend Cash                                                         
 Abolish Those Sub-Carriers                                               
 Absent Telecines Switchers & Cameras                                     
 Absent Transmitters Switchers & Cameras                                  
 Accumulation of Television Systems Comedy                                
 Addled Testament to Superficial Consensus                                
 Advanced Technologists Still Crying                                      
 Advanced Television Says Congress                                        
 Advanced Television Specified for Computers                              
 Advanced Television Systems Committee                                    
 Advantages To Specific Companies                                         
 Aggressive Terrestrial Screws Cable                                      
 Alex Trebek Sounds Clearer                                               
 All Television Systems Cheaper                                           
 All the Time Stuff Changes                                               
 All These Standards Conflict                                             
 All This for Sit-Coms?                                                   
 All This Shit Costs                                                      
 All This'll Scare Consumers                                              
 All Trouble for Satellite & Cable                                        
 All Trouble Strife & Confusion                                           
 Alliance for Terrestrial Spectrum Control                                
 Almost The Same Color                                                    
 Almost There, Still Changing                                             
 Always Take the Second Choice                                            
 Always The Same Color                                                    
 Always Too Severely Compressed                                           
 Always Truncated by Seven-o-nine Colorimetry                             
 Am Tired of System Confusion                                             
 America Trades Spectrum for Cash                                         
 America's Television Systems Collide                                     
 American Television System Cacophony                                     
 Amish of Television Sectarian Constituencies, the                        
 Anathema To Software Companies                                           
 Another Totally Silly Committee?                                         
 Anyone Think Sixpack Cares?                                              
 Anyone Tried Selling Commercials?                                        
 Anyone Tried Switching Channels?                                         
 Anything That Satisfies Congress.                                        
 Anything That Sony Commands                                              
 Anything To Second-guess Congress                                        
 Anything To Stifle Computers                                             
 Assbackwards Technology Stupefies Congress                               
 Avoid Taking Sides Completely                                            
 Aw, Tough Shit for Cable                                                 
 Aw, Tough Shit for Compatibility                                         
 Aw, Tough Shit for Composition                                           
 Aw, Tough Shit for Computers                                             
 Aw, Tough Shit for Consumers                                             
 -- J.S.                                                                  

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