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It's Here!

Apologies to those who tuned in for some telecine talk, but today--June 18,
1998-- at 7:30 AM, the era of Digital Television officially opened for those
of us on Long Island.

I say this because one of the two cable companies out here, TCI, began running
spots on local radio touting its new Digital TV Service as finally being
available and on sale in its service area.  This is not a test!  I caught the
ad on the morning drive to the train station. 

TCI claims that its digital service carries all the existing channels, plus a
whole bunch of new ones, and it only costs slightly more than regular cable.
Since they're talking about hooking you up right now, I assume they must be
issuing new set-top boxes with digital decoding capability, using your
existing NTSC television set.  Right before NAB, TCI announced that it was
going with 480p at 30 FPS as its digital format.

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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