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Spirit 2K

Hi there.

Good news for Spirits with data output.

After a period of tests, comments and improvements Philips has now
officially released a new version of the 2K output. Earlier some
workarounds and complicated LUT's had to be utilized in order to get
something OK out of the machine. Now the output is standarlized to
Cineon 10bit log,- coded from the 14 bit lin domain. Gamma, white and
black ref. points are standard 0.6, 95 & 685. There is no soft clip but
you can apply this when importing. This means that Inferno 10 to 12
LUT's and the LUT generator work fine, we get full color res. in the
density area at 12 bit.

Using DPX, new on Inferno 2.5, the TC that is imbedded in the file
header can be extracted for EDL conforming in film res. Interesting
especially for long format work.

Any comments from other data freaks?

Kris, Destiny-601 & The Warehouse, Copenhagen.

Thanks to Mary Zaller of John Watkinson & Assoc. for supporting the TIG in 1998..
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