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PAL plus NTSC Transfer

This lurker's  first post to TIG....

I'm being drawn into a situation where a low budget feature has no
post-supervisor and they need help getting their video transfer done.
I'm too busy to step in and *guard* my work and I need help in giving
them advice.

What would the procedure be for transfering (from IP) to D-Beta in PAL
AND NTSC? They are being told it will take half again as long to
generate the transfer of the second format.  I would have thought that
after spending 16-20 hours grading the picture it would be a simple
matter of transferring real-time to each format, maybe even

The other issue is amount-of-time for the grading.  What should they
allow for this part of the process.  I have tranferred MOW's in eight
hours but that's not enough time to do a good job.  I have been
lobbying for sixteen hours but am curious about industry norms.


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