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Re: DVNR and Cartoons

Amid Amidi wrote---

>I just wanted to let people know about an article up at the Spumco website
>regarding DVNR and it's usage in cartoons....deletia...


I read your article as linked on your TIG posting.  How do you know for
certain that the problems you discuss in your web article are caused by
DVNR and not some other make of noise reducer?  DVNR is part of the model
name for a product made by Digital Vision and it usually does an excellent
job in the hands of a qualified operator. Are you using this name as a
generic term for ANY noise reducer?  Any device used by a less than careful
or less than properly trained operator can create amazingly poor results
compared to the same equipment in the hands of a skilled colorist. Thus the
justification for the astronomically high salaries paid to the best
colorists. The artifacts I saw on your web article are indeed disturbing
and I'm surprised they passed through QC.  I know I've seen film transfers
bounced back for far less problems and then retransferred to make a more
filmic look.  Where was this stuff tranferred and by whom?

Dave Corbitt

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