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I have to concur with D. C.  Sounds like a real rough transfer job.  And
be careful with the references to devices if you are not sure who the
manufacturer is.  (I mean it could be an old Accom).  I have suffered
both types of NR, old software etc etc.  You really need a light touch
and also be ready to use the bypass button, especially with the older
software when dealing with dirt or scratches.

Anyway, you think you got it bad, how about this one.  We visit the
theatre here quite regulary, so far we have experienced:  Alien
(lastest), half the frame out of focus (bi focals did not help); No CDs
for the TX sound on most movies and lastly, Fallen, where reels one to 3
were mono so low level that it was lucky I had the Spanish substiles to
read ;-(  reel 4 was in Surround and there was an audible sigh of
relief, then disbelief as it went back to mono for reel five.  We are
talking movie theatres that have just been built at huge cost as well.

Lets not talk about either cable quality or rental movies!!!

Regards from the land where the ski season just opened (hi Texas!)

Ken Robinson
Imagen Transfer
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