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RE: Video Release: PAL and NTSC

On Wednesday, June 24, 1998 12:21 AM, perrault [SMTP:perrault at interlog.com]
> Can you make an NTSC dub from a PAL D-Beta without compromising the
> NTSC product?   Or is it better to transfer to NTSC from the Rank?

Yes you can create an excellent quality NTSC master from a PAL D-Beta.  The
PAL vtr is made to play back at 24 fps, thus emulating the frames per second
of a
telecine transferring to NTSC.  A 3:2 pulldown is added to account for the
between the 24 fps output of the player and the 30 fps requirement of the
recorder.  A process call spatial interpolation will then see to it that the
625 lines of
the PAL master are changed into 525 lines.  It is this process of spatial
that is the "bonus".  Spatial interpolation acts as an anti aliasing filter.
 This means
that the vertical jittering you would normally see on horizontal edges is

The end result is a finished NTSC with a perfect 3:2 pulldown, free of any
artifacts normally associated with older versions of standards conversion

Jeff Dewolde
International Image
Santa Monica/Toronto

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