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RE: Video Release: PAL and NTSC

On Wednesday, June 24, 1998 1:36 PM, Dave.Satin wrote:
> The only problem with the aforementioned
> theory is that  pal digibeta is not capable
> of playing back at 24 fps!

625 Digital Betacams can be modified to play
back at 24 fps.

> Some caveats: the 625 transfer master will
> play back 4% slower at 24fps than 25 fps.
> This means that the audio will have to be
> pitch corrected up 4%, and that the timecode
> will have to be interpolated as well.

The issues surrounding program length and
pitch control are no different than if both the
NTSC and PAL masters were created via

Attempting to create SMPTE DF or NDF from
EBU code playing at a modified 24 FPS can
be loads of fun.  Unless there are extraneous
circumstances the best way to go is to generate
brand new SMPTE code on the NTSC master in
the same manner that you would if performing a
telecine to NTSC.

Jeff Dewolde
International Image
Santa Monica/Toronto

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