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Re: DVNR and Cartoons

>I feel compelled to defend this device which I think has been unfairly
>slammed a few times in this group.  The DVNR does an excellent job of
>reducing dirt, scratches, and even grain on over exposed film when used
>sparingly.  DVNR, a noise reduction system made by the Swedish company
>Digital Vision, is also being used as a generic term to describe all
>noise reducers, which come in many varieties and brand names.


I agree with Phil on this.  I have had a series of rather extensive email
exchanges with a Mr. Stephen Worth who I guess is the publisher.  If you
read the article I think that many people on the list will agree that the
article is certainly one sided and in several areas technically inaccurate.
I think that the article was probably well meaning but somehow I think that
the author got a little carried away and the authors ability to pick up on
some of the technical issues is also clearly limited.  Also the fact that
they apparently intentionally did not mention some of the work done that
uses different types of technology to remove dirt and other problems makes
me think that they are intentionally and maliciously pursuing this - I have
no reason to know why....   I suggested that he certainly should at least
print an article that has a different position.  I am not sure what he will
or will not do, but I suspect that if this ever gets to court it will be
very interesting.


If I worked for Digital Vision I would be  upset - but I don't, I am not,
nor do I even own one .

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