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Re: Panasonic DVCPRO50

>Has anyone experience of this format? Is it really uncompressed like D1?
No it is compressed. DVCPro is essentially a DCT compression like JPEG or
MPEG and relies on asics developed by panasonic for DV compression.
Material compressed to 50mbits/sec shows a decidedly increased noise floor
over the d-1 source. That is the main picture artifact.

>certainly takes up less shelf space.
for archive distribution copies MPEG takes up even less. DVCPro is
envisioned as a production format.

Does anyone see it taking over from
No but Panasonic hopes it will take over the niche currently occupied by
AVR77 for on air production. The fact that you can comingle DVC and DVCPro
data means that news is clearly a target with the location work done at DVC
(25mbits) and the studio shot at 50.

 There must be a snag somewhere (?).
First rule of compression - don't concantenate codecs. Now if we just take
this DVC50 stream and ATSC encode it we can...

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