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Re: RE> Dbeta offspeed mod

>>Alan Davis at Digital Synergy in LA is one of the reps for
>the product.  Art Mayrose is behind it and he has a good
>reputation with vtrs in LA.  Does some other company offer an offspeed kit? 
>Dennis Morton
>525 Post
>Hollywood, CA

This is the only kit that I know about that works well.  If anyone needs
contact information for Alan Davis or Art Mairose, email me and I'll be glad
to forward the number.  Usual disclaimer: I receive no compensation from
these people.

Craig Nichols
Director of Engineering
Todd-AO Video Services
1135 N. Mansfield Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90039
craign at todd-ao.com
213-465-1231 / 465-2579 fax

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