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I wrote to this newsgroup recently regarding my concerns about the
side-effects of the above. A statement was made that this was an
excellent tool "when used sparingly" and "in the hands of an experienced
operator". Some of the many thousands of people who are connected with
the various aspects of the motion picture industry rarely go to a
theater or view their work on home video. so don't really know the fate
of their work. I think this applies to a lot of you operators who are
convinced you have done the best job possible, and have done, and then
when it is out of your hands something goes wrong.
I would like to suggest you pay more attention to the results which are
out there on AMC, TCM and Laserdisc and monitor very carefully what is
going on. I know what DVNR is capable of and I recognise when it is not
"sparingly used in the hands of an experienced operator". I don't work
in the telecine area but that doesn't mean that I don't have an eye to
recognise what DVNR is and what destructive results it is capable of. 
I heard that the Paramount Laserdisc release of "ROMAN HOLIDAY" is a
serious victim of this process, amongst the many hundreds of others. I
have not yet viewed this title.
                Sincerely, Benny Newman.

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