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RE: Re: Video Release: PAL and NTSC

On Friday, June 26, 1998 2:22 AM, "O'Brien, James Neil"
[SMTP:j.n.obrien at nfb.ca] wrote:
> t is better to transfer directly from the rank to NTSC, but if cost is a
> problem it would be better to go with the PAL transfer, there may be a
> slight degrading in the transcoding i.e. artifacts, motion.

Neil, I must beg to differ!  While theoretical arguments could be
made with respect to spatial interpolation's effect on vertical resolution
vs. the positive effect of having started with 100 extra lines, your
about "artifacts, motion" is simply untrue.  No temporal interpolation
takes place.

Jeff Dewolde
International Image
Santa Monica/Toronto

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