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RE: (TIG) Re: Video Release PAL NTSC

> Dewolde, Jeff[SMTP:jeffdewolde at intl-image.com] on June 26, 1998 11:39 AM
> wrote:
	<<Neil, I must beg to differ!  While theoretical <<arguments could
	I can appreciate you have a service to sell and a reputation to
uphold, you must also take note I did say slight degrading, and unless you
have come up with a system that is transparent, or enhances the end product
your argument is moot, if you have please, please let us all in on it, we'd
love to take advantage of it.

>       Cheers, Neil
>       N.F.B. Montréal
>       j.n.obrien at nfb.ca
>       514-496-5015

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