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RE: RE: Re: Video Release PAL NTSC

> 	I can appreciate you have a service to sell and a reputation to
> uphold, you must also take note I did say slight degrading, and unless you
> have come up with a system that is transparent, or enhances the end
> your argument is moot, if you have please, please let us all in on it,
> love to take advantage of it.

This discussion has little to do with my trying to "sell a service"
and "uphold a reputation".  The 3:2 insertion technologies we have
been discussing are available at any number of fine facilities in North

Simply stating my opinion with regard to the features and benefits
of a given technology should not be misconstrued with an attempt
at monetary gain.  If that were the case how could any one of us
describe the pros and cons of a given technology we believe in
without being accused of "trying to sell a service" on the TIG?

Jeff Dewolde
International Image
Santa Monica/Toronto

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