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In light of some recent discussions on the group Re:625/24, I have a few
Does the DVD format code  625/24 fps. with the respective output being done
by the
player. i.e. the player chipset does all the 3:2 pulldown, down conversion
etc? With this kind
of technique being used, Would then the most sensible route for (feature)
film mastering
 be to telecine everything in the 625/24 domain? This would enable whatever
format is 
required from the same master tape. This would save time in multi-format
using an expensive Telecine session. A pass through a 'converter box' at a
later stage is 
all that would be required. And taking this logic further, would it be a
good idea to transfer
all feature films in either 16:9 and 21:9 anamorphic ? Again using a pass
through a
device like an ARC to 'Pan & Scan'. Or would I be cutting my own throat
with reduced
revenue  from less Telecine time?

Stuart Fyvie
BBC Post London.

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