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Benny Newman <ROADSHOW at webtv.net> commented:

>I would like to suggest you pay more attention to the results which are
>out there on AMC, TCM and Laserdisc and monitor very carefully what is
>going on.

In addition to the many comments from others out there, I'd like to
politely suggest that you not tell us how to do our jobs.

Don't judge us when you have no idea what the quality of our work is, or is
not.  If you have a particular project and a specific operator, that's one
thing; but to blanketly assume that all of us are not *already* paying
attention is stupid at the least, and insulting at the worst.

As I said a month ago to another pompous self-appointed "Telecine Critic"
last month (junyer at concentric.net, who recently posted an incredibly-lame
editorial against noise reduction on the Spumco Web site):  Don't forget
that there are many stages at which noise-reduction -- either from DVNR or
other similar devices -- might be applied.

Noise-reduction devices are not just found in telecine bays.  I've seen a
half-dozen DVD-encoding stations that have them as well.  There are also
numerous studios and video facilities who routinely will noise-reduce
transfers as a standalone pass, sometimes one done long after the original

One hopes that when the latter happens, experienced, eagle-eyed technicians
will be watching, but you never know.  And even if they are, there's always
the chance a studio exec -- one supervising the transfer or at least paying
the bills -- will order the knob to be turned up all the way.  Like it or
not, our job is to make the client happy, not to argue with them and refuse
to do the work they specifically asked for.

--Marc Wielage
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