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At 09:21 PM 6/28/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I feel compelled to respond to your posts with regard to the way I have
>been unspecific with respect to the above. I am referring to the dirt
>removal application of DVNR. I am very aware of the good it can achieve,
>it is the misuse which concerns me. Overuse eats away at any subtle
>light reflections, creating a distracting 'pulsating' effect. For
>example, the most recent laserdisc releases of "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD
>STILL", "DOCTOR ZHIVAGO" and "THE SOUND OF MUSIC" come immediately to
>mind. I am also constantly seeing problematic transfers on AMC and TCM.
>I hardly think that a problem as serious as this is wasting anybody's

 I don't understand how you can be so convinced that this is a "dirt
removal application of DVNR."
 First, DVNR, (once again), stands for Digital Vision Noise Reducer, hence
the acronym, DVNR. There are several other units, made by different
manufacters, that will do the job of removing dirt.
 Second, the use of dirt removal units in the "film transfer" process does
not necessarily produce "a distracting 'pulsating' effect." If it "should"
happen, I do not know of a colorist that would let this go. The complete
removal of dirt is not a "number one" requirement in film transfer. The
picture quality is!! The misuse of a dirt removal unit can be easily seen.
"(If it hurts, don't do it!)"
 Third, there are so many variables in the chain of events, that I don't
see how you can point your finger at one box and the people that operate it.
 There are many questions that you should be asking about what you are
seeing, and you should ask these questions, maybe in another forum, and of
another group of people. Dirt removal can be done at other times, and in
other places.
 I believe it is wrong to point your finger in this direction. 
 You seem to have already made up your mind that the problem is with us and
this one piece of gear.

"DC" Cardinali
Senior Freelance Colorist, USA   

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