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Perhaps what you are seeing is the scheme used either for copy protection or
what the cable company is doing when they scramble the signal for pay
channels.  Take a look at the vertical interval, look for white boxes
flashing on and off for copy protection.  That can cause problems with the
automatic gain control on TV's and VCR's.  It will look like the picture is
pulsating, especially noticeable during credit rolls.  It is not an artifact
of noise reduction.

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From: BENNY NEWMAN <ROADSHOW at webtv.net>
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Date: Sunday, June 28, 1998 9:27 PM
Subject: [TIG] DVNR

I feel compelled to respond to your posts with regard to the way I have
been unspecific with respect to the above. I am referring to the dirt
removal application of DVNR. I am very aware of the good it can achieve,
it is the misuse which concerns me. Overuse eats away at any subtle
light reflections, creating a distracting 'pulsating' effect. For
example, the most recent laserdisc releases of "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD
STILL", "DOCTOR ZHIVAGO" and "THE SOUND OF MUSIC" come immediately to
mind. I am also constantly seeing problematic transfers on AMC and TCM.
I hardly think that a problem as serious as this is wasting anybody's
               Benny Newman.

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